New properties handed over to Sempra Homes

Story posted: 20/04/2017

Three one-bedroom terraced houses have been handed over to Sempra Homes ready to be let to people on the council’s homeseeker register.

The homes are at Bowers Terrace, London Road, Bowers Gifford, on the site of the former Bull public house.

These homes were developed by local family-owned company, JP & MD Properties Ltd, as part of Basildon Council's planning permission requirement for the developer to provide affordable homes. Sempra Homes will take on these properties and let them to applicants from the council's homeseeker register. The properties will be let at affordable rent levels within the local housing allowance rates for Basildon.

Over the next few months Sempra will commence its new homes build programme at the Space site, in Long Lynderswood, Basildon, where it plans to develop 20 two-bedroom shared ownership apartments along with car and cycle parking and associated landscaping.

Scott Logan, Sempra Homes chairman, said: “We are delighted to receive these properties and let them to applicants from the council’s homeseeker register. We look forward to working with developers in the future and bringing more homes to the market.”

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