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Maplewood Court, Basildon

A unique opportunity, of 20 two-bedroom shared ownership apartments, for local people to get on the first step of the property ladder

Queens Park Court, Billericay

Brand new development of 30 homes, made up of one and two bedroom apartments. All available for Shared Ownership.

Roman Way, Billericay

Roman Way will offer 15 new homes for private sale, affordable rent and shared ownership.

Pound Lane Central, Laindon

Pound Lane Central will provide 9 new homes, a mixture of 1 and 2 bedroom houses and apartments. All homes will be available for Shared Ownership.

Glenmere, Vange

This development will provide five new homes all for Shared Ownership. It will consist of four, two-bedroom houses and one, three-bedroom house.

Rayside, Basildon

This development proposes to see an underused garage site replaced with 3 brand new two-bedroom homes for Shared Ownership.

Nevendon Road, Wickford

At two sites off Nevendon Road, Thackeray Road and Kershaw Close, 10 affordable homes will be developed.

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