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Story posted: 30/11/2016

A commercial arm of Basildon Council, Sempra Homes is committed to providing sustainable, aspirational homes for sale.  All profits made are reinvested, helping to further improve the quality of life for residents of Basildon.

The brand name is a derivation of the Latin word ‘sempiternal’ or ‘temper’ meaning ‘everlasting’ or  ‘always’ the Sempra Homes brand denotes quality and thoughtful design, offering homes for life and a space in which families can grow and flourish.

Sempra Homes buyers will benefit from Basildon’s extensive experience; its buyers will find comfort in the knowledge that Sempra Homes is a trusted company that is committed to building and maintaining quality homes that people aspire to live in - for years to come.

Sempra Homes will offer a choice in tenure; private sale, private rent, shared ownership and affordable rent - all with the same high quality design and finishing.

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